Scottish Wild Beaver videos and photographs

SWBG members have been studying some of the wild beaver families which we, at SWBG are trying to save from persecution.  We have chosen a select few of the videos taken this year for your interest.  These videos confirm our long held view that wild beavers are breeding successfully in the wilds of Tayside and thriving.

To view videos, simply select any of the links below – we hope you enjoy watching them.

An hour long selection of clips made into a wee movie from Bob Smith A selection of videos in the form of a wee film made by Bob Smith A pair of beavers socialising and having a wee tussle over some willow. Video by Bob Smith

A tagged kit. Video by Bob Smith

A beaver kit being released back into its home patch. Video by Bob Smith

A young beaver showing a "tail splash". Video by Bob Smith

A young beaver kit filmed chewing away on a bit of fern. Video by Bob Smith

An adult beaver bringing food to the lodge. Video by Bob Smith

An adult beaver feeding with a yearling. Video by Bob Smith

 A family moment. Video by Bob Smith

Young Tayside beaver’s behavioural response to a warning tail slap from it’s mother 60m down stream.( no sounds available – sorry)  Note how she stops and lowers her profile in the water whilst listening and looking for signs of danger. She then moves off in the direction of the mother, but soon returns 5 minutes later to resume feeding.

Young Tayside beaver biting off willow branch and falling into water. After a clumsy effort to recover the branch, she carries it to the bank to feed.

Female Tayside beaver and 2 beaver kits grooming each other. Kits still showing signs of suckling behaviour at 4 months old, while the mother grooms one. Clearly, there is a strong emotional bond here, which raises animal welfare issues if trapping is to take place in the first year of a kits life. Mothers and young which are trapped, separated and  isolated must go through severe emotional trauma.

Two young Tayside beaver kits, with 1 feeding on willow branch held between hands.

Young Tayside beaver biting off willow branch. This is 10m from a 4 year old lodge. The lodge is still screened by dense willow growth, due in part to the rapid regeneration qualities of the willows.  Adults tend not to feed extensively in the immediate vicinity of the lodge, preferring instead to feed at a distance and maintain a willow scrub cover.

Otter family – otter family investigating a new beaver scent on their territory. The cubs were born in an old beaver den ( one of many benefits to otters which beavers offer through habitat creation)