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This is a really critical moment for beavers in Scotland and you can help things go the beavers’ way.
Soon the legislation allowing beavers to remain in Scotland will be debated in the Scottish Parliament. Before that can happen, the Scottish Government is obliged to issue a report and hold a public consultation on the conclusions of that report. The report was issued in December 2017 and the consultation is now underway.
The Cabinet Secretary for the Environment indicated in 2016 that she is “minded” to allow beavers to remain in Scotland. However,  the final decision is not a forgone conclusion, and she may well be influenced by the results of the consultation and the subsequent debate in Parliament.    If you want beavers to remain in Scotland, please could you contribute your views to the 5 questions in the consultation which can be found at the following link:
The deadline date for receiving responses is 6 March 2018 – and the more of us who reply positively, then the more likely the Cabinet Secretary will be persuaded to stick to her initial decision to allow beavers to stay. As we have seen in the press recently, those who are opposed to beaver’s presence in Scotland can be very vocal – and we need to make our voices heard.
The government report on beavers in Scotland is technical and lengthy. So to make responding to the 5 questions easier, we created a PDF (below) of a summary of the answers that Scottish Wild Beaver Group has provided to the consultation. You should of course, feel free to respond to the questions as you see fit. If you feel uncomfortable or unqualified to answer any particular question, we suggest you just leave it blank.


Beavers in Tayside

Click on above link for the PDF file of the Scottish Wild Beaver Groups latest publication  ‘Beavers in Tayside’