Watch all seven talks, the opening address and panel discussion from our 2019 conference.

Welcome to the conference

Eurasian beaver species champion and Scottish Green Party MSP John Finnie opens the conference with a short opening address.

A history of beaver reintroduction

Sarah Robinson, Director of Conservation for the Scottish Wildlife Trust, talks us through the timeline of the Scottish beaver trial, from the initial application to the present day.

Results of the 5 year River Otter beaver trial

Mark Elliott, beaver project lead for the Devon Wildlife Trust discusses the preliminary results from the research and monitoring carried out during the beaver trial on the River Otter catchment in Devon.

Beavers in a productively farmed landscape

Organic farmer and environmental educator Chris Jones discusses the changes he has seen to Woodland Valley Farm since 2017 when two adult beavers were released onto his land as part of the Cornwall Beaver Trial and were left to re-engineer it.

Getting ready for beavers

Head of Conservation for the Cairngorms National Park Authority, Andy Ford discusses what can be done to prepare for the natural expansion of the scottish beaver population into the Cairngorms National Park. 

Experiences & Recommendations on the mitigation of beavers

Gerhard Schwab, a German beaver specialist, who has designed and implemented a beaver management system in Bavaria and a training system which has trained over 700 local beaver consultants across Europe talks about how best to mitigate any human beaver conflicts that arise.

Two co-existing species: beavers & Atlantic salmon

Duncan Halley, researcher for the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, discusses the impacts the Eurasian Beaver has on Atlantic Salmon populations in Norway and how this relates to Scotland.

Reflections and thoughts on the future of beavers in Scotland

Watch award winning author and conservationist go off piste and inspire you to do your bit for restoration ecology.

Panel discussion

Watch as Ben Ross, manager of Scottish Natural Heritages Beaver team, Euan Walker-Munro, arable farmer in Strathmore and Derek Gow, livestock farmer and UK beaver specialist, share their own points of view on the reintroduction of beavers to Scotland and answer audience questions.


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