Who We Are


In 2010, the Scottish government decided to start trapping wild beavers that have lived in the River Tay and its many tributaries since 2001. One Beaver was captured and, sadly, died in captivity. Our charity was formed to protest the trapping of wild beavers. Since then, through social media, numerous letters to ministers and education trapping was suspended in the summer of 2011.

However, there was still much to do.

In 2012 we got the government to agree to change the policy to tolerate and monitor our local beavers. By 2016 the Cabinet Secretary was “minded to protect” the animals and finally the legal protections arrived in 2019, but with it came the freely given licences to kill through lethal control.


Our mission

Following the reintroduction of native beavers to Scotland it is imperative that people and beavers learn to coexist once again as this amazing rodent brings us so many benefits. We aim to promote the study, conservation and protection of wild Eurasian beavers and their natural habitats in Scotland. We want to teach children the benefits of the beaver.

Our Trustees

Phil Bland

After a career in hotels, Phil is now largely retired from business and keen to support conservation causes.With a particular interest in rewilding  and an enthusiastic birder, he also volunteers at his local nature reserve and enjoys practical tasks there. Phil now phils *sorry fills* the role of Trustee for SWBG

Louise Ramsay

Louise is the chair of our board meetings and is one of our longest standing beaver campaigners. Alongside beavers however, she is a passionate campaigner on many other environmental issues. She also writes articles and fiction pieces whilst running an ecotourism business alongside her family at Bamff Wildland.

James Nairne

James currently works in the conservation sector and is passionate about restoring Scotlands depleted nature. He is the privileged guardian of a beaver wetland in Strathearn. He is the group’s diplomat and represents SWBG on the Scottish Beaver Forum and at meetings of the Scottish Rewilding Alliance.

Jean Oudney

In addition to beavers, Jean is a bat consultant and bat carer under the Bat Conservation Trust and a member of Scottish Badgers, as well as a horse and dog lover. Jean brings a passion for education and her organisational skills helped to run our conferences in 2015 and 2019.

Julia Duncan

Julia has worked in environmental volunteering in urban and rural communities across Scotland for many years and is a keen supporter of the rewilding movement. Bringing programme development and income generation experience, Julia aims to help SWBG influence change more widely.

Chris Charlton

Chris uses his fundraising and face-to-face experience to share the importance of community engagement and diversity. Chris also covers the running of SWBG socials and this website, whilst being incredibly inept at both ventures. Yes, he has just written about himself in the third person. Chris is clearly the best Trustee.

What do we do?


We create fun and educational interactions with groups of all ages to develop awareness and appreciation of the beaver and its importance in the ecosystem.

Promote Beaver tourism

Go on a beaver safari or stay in a beaver hide or yurt. Watch the beavers work and play whilst contributing to local businesses, supporting the positive economic impacts of beavers in Scotland.

Lobby Government

We campaign tirelessly locally, nationally and internationally to ensure the beaver is protected by law but also in practice. This involves sitting on various forums relating to conservation.


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