About Us

In 2011, the Scottish government decided to start trapping wild beavers that have lived in the River Tay and its many tributaries since 2001. One Beaver was captured and, sadly, died in captivity. Our charity was formed to protest the trapping of wild beavers. Trapping was suspended in the summer of 2011.

Following the reintroduction of native beavers to Scotland it is imperative that people and beavers learn to coexist once again as this amazing rodent brings us so many benefits. We aim to promote the study, conservation and protection of wild Eurasian beavers and their natural habitats in Scotland. We want to teach children the benefits of the beaver.

Our Trustees

Nonie Coulthard

Andrew Thompson

James Nairne

A Perthshire born laywer with a passionate interest in wildlife, James is the group’s diplomat and represents the us on the Scottish Beaver Forum.

Jean Oudney

In addition to beavers, Jean is a bat consultant, horse and dog lover and Badger Group member. She brings organisational skills to the group and runs our conference. 

Louise Ramsay

Runs an ecotourism business, campaigns on environmental issues, particularly beavers,  and writes articles and fiction. 

Susan Stirling-Aird

Lifelong champion of  many species of wildlife and years of experience of contributing to  wide range of committees.

What do we do?

Educate kids

We create fun and educational interactions with children to develop awareness and appreciation of the beaver and the important role it plays in the ecosystem.

Promote Beaver tourism

Stay in a beaver hide or yurt. Watch the beavers work and play as the sun dips below the horizon.

Lobby Government

We campaign tirelessly locally, nationally and internationally to ensure the beaver is protected by law.


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