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Bringing back the beaver: Derek Gow

The Story of one man’s quest to Rewild Britain’s waterways

Bringing Back the Beaver is farmer-turned-ecologist Derek Gow’s inspirational and often riotously funny firsthand account of how the movement to rewild the British landscape with beavers has become the single most dramatic and subversive nature conservation act of the modern era. Bringing Back the Beaver makes a passionate case as to why the return of one of nature’s great problem solvers will be critical as part of a sustainable fix for flooding and future drought, whilst ensuring the creation of essential lifescapes that enable the broadest possible spectrum of Britain’s wildlife to thrive.

Natures Architect: Jim Crumley

The beaver’s return to our wild landscapes

Hundreds of years after their extinction in these isles, beavers are – controversially- back in Britain. These shy creatures, often misunderstood are the skilled engineers of the natural world and they are already having a dramatic effect on our wild landscapes. Leading nature writer Jim Crumley gives a rare insight into the lives of these intriguing animals and considers the ecological and economic impact of the beaver reintroductions. Employing his trademark beautiful prose and empathy for life in the wild, Crumley contemplates the future for Britain’s beavers and makes a passionate argument for giving them their freedom.

Eager: Ben Goldfarb

The surprising, secret life of beavers and why they matter

Today, a growing coalition of “Beaver Believers”—including scientists, ranchers, and passionate citizens—recognizes that ecosystems with beavers are far healthier, for humans and non-humans alike, than those without them. From the Nevada deserts to the Scottish highlands, Believers are now hard at work restoring these industrious rodents to their former haunts. Eager is a powerful story about one of the world’s most influential species, how North America was colonized, how our landscapes have changed over the centuries, and how beavers can help us fight drought, flooding, wildfire, extinction, and the ravages of climate change. 


Beaver: Rachel Poliquin

The superpower field guide

Humorous and engaging, Beavers is the first book in the new highly illustrated nonfiction Superpower Field Guide series, inspiring readers to laugh, think, and view the world around them with new eyes.

Meet Elmer, an ordinary beaver. He may not be as mighty as a lion or as dangerous as a shark. He may be squat and brown. But never underestimate a beaver.


Little Beaver: Dr Amy MacDonald

Little Beaver and the echo

An award-winning picture book favourite about a lonely little beaver in need of a friend.

Little beaver and the big front tooth

Little Beaver is feeling scared … his big front tooth is loose and feels as if it might fall out! How can he be a beaver without his big front tooth?

Beaver’s big adventure: Magnus Weightman

A journey home

Beaver heads off on an adventure, but gets lost along the way. He is saved by Akita the dog who offers him help to find his way home. Together in a hot-air balloon they travel the globe looking for Beaver’s home. Packed with wonderfully detailed pictures of animal houses from around the world. Ideal introduction to different animal habitats and discussion about environmental themes. Includes a world map with facts about how each animal makes its home and charts Beaver’s global journey.

Beavers in Science

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