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First native mammal reintroduced to the UK

The remarkable story of Castor Fiber, the Eurasian Beaver, and its fight for survival

Scotland’s beavers need protection

A year ago today the Scottish Government stated that they would lay legislation to protect beavers in Scotland before Parliament in the first half of 2018. Now over a year later, the government is no closer to providing Scotland's beavers the protection they need. In...

Scottish Government – Public consultation on beavers

This is a really critical moment for beavers in Scotland and you can help things go the beavers’ way. Soon the legislation allowing beavers to remain in Scotland will be debated in the Scottish Parliament. Before that can happen, the Scottish Government is obliged to...

Reintroduced vs. Invasive

Why the return of Scotland’s native beavers is not comparable to the situation of invasive non native beavers in Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia.

Beavers enrich wetlands

The Ramsar Convention for the protection of wetlands came into force in 1975, the UK joined a year later and currently has 154 sites, 51 of which are in Scotland. According to the Convention we must look after these sites and work towards sustainable development by...


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