Beaver Tourism

Walks,Talks and More

We believe the best time to go beaver spotting is between early Spring and late Autumn. But why not join the experts and support some beaver ecotourism!

  • Perthshire Wildlife Beaver Safaris – A massively popular beaver safari around Perthshire which offers tours on foot or by canoe with Beyond Adventure UK!
  • Nature Nuts – Blairgowrie based beaver tours which have been enjoyed by some  famous faces!
  • Aquila Ecology – Based along the River Earn, Aquila Ecology run tailor-made tours, training and surveys. Including our favourite, the beaver inspired river watch!
  • Heart of Argyl Wildlife Organisation – Learn more about the Scottish Beaver Trial at Knapdale, whilst visiting the fantastic Argyl Beaver Centre.
  • Loch Visions Photography Workshops – Try your hand at beaver photography! Loch Visions offer a great opportunity to learn more and how to hone in your beaver photography skills in Knapdale.
  • Argaty Red Kites – Following the translocation of a family of beavers from Tayside, the site can now provide tailor made experiences aimed at educating and inspiring the next beaver savers! 



Join Bamff Wildland and Ecotourism, an estate at the forefront of building Scottish beaver history. Just 30 minutes north of Dundee and Perth, stay in a house, cottage, yurt or cabin within sight of a wonderful beaver pond. Why not get in touch? During your stay you could organise your own personalised beaver tour with the friendly staff and family.

Some other great options, within beaver vicinity include (but are not limited to) 

Feel you have a business or venture that links into beaver tourism in Scotland? Send us a message and we would be happy to link it on our website!