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The Scottish Beavers have gained a lot of interest as they move throughout the wider landscape. However, getting them recognised for their benefits and mitigating any conflicts effectively can, at some times, pose differently in the media. Keep up to date with the latest news below from a range of topics at the forefront of Scottish beaver conservation. 

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Argaty Red Kites Set to Receive Scotland First in Beaver Translocation

Argaty Red Kites, near Stirling, is to become the first site in Scotland to receive beavers as part of a translocation process. A first for a license to be granted in Scotland, moving them from a conflict area in Tayside to an area currently JUST outside their natural range.

We would like to give a huge congratulations to Tom Bowser from Argaty Red Kites on his successful application for beaver release licenses. This is a major milestone in paving the way to more translocations of beavers across Scotland.

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