Lorna Slater, Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity announced today that the Scottish Government would be introducing a new approach to actively expand Scotland’s beaver population, with greater use of translocation to manage conflict.

Specifically, the government announcement indicated that translocation “would help establish beaver presence in areas of Scotland outside their current range, beyond where natural expansion would be expected to reach in the short term”

Scottish Wild Beaver Group strenuously welcomed the announcement.

Chair Louise Ramsay remarked “We are over the moon. We hope this marks a brighter new future for Scotland’s beavers and we are deeply grateful to all those individuals and organisations who pushed for this.”

“We would particularly like to thank MSP Mark Ruskell for arguing the case for a less restrictive approach to beaver expansion, and we recognise the efforts of the Scottish Government in having moved to bring about this welcome change which will deliver benefits for beavers, the environment and wider society”

‘We must also pay tribute to the 21 respected environmental commentators who recently signed a letter recently calling for this precise outcome. A special mention must also go to Steve Micklewright from Trees for Life who relentlessly applied pressure through a Holyrood petition and by bringing a judicial review”.

 But we also cannot forget the incredible support we have had over the years from the people of Scotland and beyond. Through campaigns such as 87 Beavers: In Memoriam we have let our voices be heard and success has come at last. We thank each and everyone one of you.

See the full statement from the Scottish Government here


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